Walgreens announces 'most comprehensive flu shot program in the usa'

Walgreens announces 'most comprehensive flu shot program in the usa'

Walgreens says it is offering flu shots at every Walgreens pharmacy and Take Care clinic nationwide (USA). The service is available every day during virtually all pharmacy and clinic hours, the pharmacy chain announced. No previous appointment is necessary. The company adds that most New York City area Duane Reade pharmacy outlets offer a daily flu shot service - by September the service will be available during all pharmacy hours (state, age and health condition-related restrictions may apply).

A single flu shot will protect against H1N1 and other seasonal viruses, including influenza B and H3N1 virus, Walgreens says.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), people over the age of six months should have a flu shot.

Walgreens President and CEO Greg Wasson, said:

We encourage everyone to follow the CDC's recommendations, and with flu shots available during nearly all pharmacy and clinic hours at Walgreens, it's never been easier, never more convenient and never more accessible. Our expansive network of 25,000 immunizers and other health care professionals are there when you need us. By providing quality, affordable, preventive health care services like flu shots in communities across America, we'll again play an important role in helping people stay well throughout the flu season.

Direct Medical Billing and Other Enhancements

Walgreens is also offering a new, direct medical billion option through a number of health insurance companies, including nationwide agreements with CIGNA and UnitedHealthcare - patients covered by these carriers will be able to have their flu shot billed to their insurance provider seamlessly.

Regionally, Walgreens offers direct medical billing through SummaCare in Ohio, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Walgreens currently offers these billing options through Walgreens pharmacies and Take Care Clinics.

Walgreens says there are individual privacy areas for flu shot patients, evening and weekend hours, as well as online tools enabling patients to complete necessary forms prior to their pharmacy visit (not available for vaccinations administered at Take Care Clinics or Duane Reade pharmacies).

Prices are as follows:

  • The retail cash price for flu shots at all Walgreens points of care is $29.99
  • Most Walgreens will also offer the FluMist Intranasal Spray, which is $34.99
For qualified individuals there may be availability for high-dose flu shot Fluzone HD.

Source: Walgreens

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