Ground zero workers 9/11 suit extended by another 8 days

Ground zero workers 9/11 suit extended by another 8 days

An eight-day-long extension has been granted by federal judge Alvin Hellerstein so that Ground Zero workers can decide whether or not to opt into a $815 million settlement. It appears their legal representatives found the previous deadline difficult. The Ground Zero workers include policemen and women, construction workers, firefighters, and other employees who carried out rescue and clean up duties related to the 9/11 tragedy. The judge had given lawyers until 8th November midnight to get 95% of their clients to agree to the terms of the settlement. The original deadline was back in September 2010. They now have until next Tuesday.

Over 10,000 workers are involved in this settlement. They had inhaled or ingested hazardous materials which have affected their health. According to medical studies, their exposure to dust may have caused serious respiratory problems. City officials are heavily criticized for sending them into harm's way without the right protective equipment.

The settlement will be paid by WTC Captive Insurance Company, with federally financed funds.

The deal was agreed in the spring of this year, but is still tenuous, with a number of workers uncertain about whether to accept it. The settlement can only go ahead if at least 95% of the workers sign in.

Paul Napoli, an attorney representing approximately 9,000 workers, in an interview with The Associated Press last week explained that they were extremely close to reaching the 95% target.

This week lawyers cannot talk to the media about the case; Judge Alvin Hellerstein has issued a gag order. It is therefore impossible to know whether the target has been reached, or how close they are to it. The judge said he wanted to prevent confusion and speculation which might emanate from incomplete information.

Lawyers have been told by Hellerstein to report their results directly to him; he would then promptly release their findings on the court's Web site.

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