Parents say their son can be given chemotherapy after initially refusing treatment

Parents say their son can be given chemotherapy after initially refusing treatment

Daniel Hauser, 13, who has Hodgkin's lymphoma, and ran away with his mother after she refused chemotherapy treatment, is to be allowed treatment, his parents said. Daniel's mother, Colleen Hauser, said she had wanted him to be treated with natural remedies for religious reasons. Hodgkin's Lymphoma or Hodgkin's Disease is a cancerous (malignant) growth of cells in the lymph system.

Daniel had been ordered to be placed in foster care. However, that order was repealed as long as he received treatment. Colleen Hauser, in a court hearing in Brown County, Minnesota, USA, said she now accepts that the best option for Daniel is chemotherapy.

John Rodenberg, the presiding circuit judge, said that as the parents had "a clean slate" in his courtroom, Daniel could remain with his parents. He stressed that the chemotherapy course must commence "..and commence soon…Danny loves his parents and they love him. He's a fine boy, a very pleasant young man. I know he should be in the custody of his parents - as long as I'm satisfied they are going to follow the prescribed course of treatment."

County prosecutors expressed concern that the boy's family may change their minds again and attempt to get him out of treatment. James Olson, Brown County Prosecutor, said Daniel's family had a history of changing their minds. James Olson said "The Hauser's were at the Children's Hospital over Memorial Day. Danny had some tests at the hospital. They communicated to one of Brown County's social workers that they were not going to have him undergo chemo. There was some epiphany that they had changed their minds. They told the judge that they were going to be compliant."

Olson added "They are unable to show any type of consistency. Their attitude has been and I am assuming remains that chemo is poison. So I felt that with that underlying attitude that certainly wasn't going to be beneficial to Danny in trying to convince him to undergo chemotherapy."

Daniel had received one round of chemotherapy in February, 2009. However, treatment stopped after that single round. Daniel and his mother should have attended a court hearing last Tuesday. An x-ray, which had been ordered by the court, had revealed a tumor in the boy's chest which had grown substantially.

The boy and his mother were eventually found in California and returned to Minnesota by plane - the flight was paid for by a private media firm. Jennifer Keller, lawyer for Colleen Hauser, said that Mrs. Houser will now abide by whatever orders the court makes. She added that Mrs. Hauser still wishes to put her best case forward for her son to have a chance at alternative treatment.

Mrs. Hauser had intended to take her son over to Mexico for alternative treatment. Mrs. Hauser is guided by a Native American spiritual organization called Nemenhah that had instructed her to use only natural healing methods.

Dan Zwakman, Hauser family spokesman, said "I think they were sincere about this (accepting chemotherapy for their son). They are going to do what the court wants and I think it's certainly best for Danny."

Whenever possible, alternative medicine will also be included. Daniel has told the doctors he is in acute pain and is having breathing difficulties.

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