Teenagers with acne need hope and assurance it is temporary

Teenagers with acne need hope and assurance it is temporary

When a youth suffers from teenage acne, he or she often receives countless suggestions, suggestions about the best way to treat that acne. Yet those who must deal with teenage acne seldom invite such suggestions. What they really need is a ray of hope, assurance that they will not need to go through life with a pimple-filled face.

Teenagers usually welcome the hormone-directed changes that cause them to look "more like an adult." Those with teenage acne can benefit from learning that those changes bring with them fluctuations in hormone levels in all parts of the body (including the skin). Hormonal changes in the skin then cause the recurrence of acne flare-ups.

Good hygiene can aid the treatment of teenage acne. The traditional method for reduction of skin irritants has called for a washing of the face two times a day. Such regular washing shows an increased effectiveness, if it precedes use of a skin toner. Of course, not every teen wants to spend hours washing and toning his or her face.

Now young people have the ability to reduce the amount of oil that forms on the face. That then makes the daily cleaning of the face less of priority - giving the individual more time to enjoy life.

How can a product reduce the amount of oil on the face? The product that inhibits the production of DHT also lowers the level of oil production. That same product blocks special receptors on the skin, the androgen receptors. Those are the receptors that would normally attach to the DHT molecules, with such an attachment leading to the production of more skin oil.

Still, skin oils are not the only thing that can cause acne flare-ups. Teenage acne can arise on those with dry skin, should that skin become exposed to many irritants. Heavy use of make-up on facial skin or repeated exposure to heavily polluted air (such as in a bar) can cause acne.

The product that blocks the formation of DHT and the production of skin oils also aids the elimination of skin irritants. It helps the skin to "breathe," by having the pores open-up. A young person then finds it much easier to remove harmful bacteria and other irritants. Eventually, the acne disappears, and the skin again displays the vibrancy that is associated with youth.

An understanding of the biology behind the acne pimple can save a teen from a constant battering, a battering of useless suggestions. Adults must realize that it is OK to eat chocolates and chips, as long as those foods do not make-up the bulk of a teen's diet. Teenagers who indulge in such pleasures do not encourage the production of DHT and skin oil, the real cause of teenage acne.

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